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Interior Painting

One of the best and economical ways to refresh your indoor space is by giving it an interior paint job. Whether you’re looking to fix up your home to put it on the market or just want to bring some fresh updates to your living space, you don’t have to spend a lot of money remodeling to get big results.

No matter the room or feature you need painted, we take care of it for you. You may want to refresh a dated color or style in a bathroom, repaint a ceiling, baseboard, and handrail, or do a complete color overhaul, our paint crew has the knowledge and expertise to leave you with the pristine appearance you desire. We provide spray, brush and roll or combination applications for a paint service that covers all your interior surfaces.

Customer - Debbie Ross

We were very pleased with our experience and we have a beautifully well done painted home. The crew took pride in their work and left everything clean when they were done. The support from the office was also timely and helpful.

The color and overall look can really set the tone of the room and create a welcoming atmosphere. With our professional team, your individual room or entire indoor space can be improved. If you prefer, we can assist you in choosing the best colors and styles for each room. With endless colors to choose and creative decisions, you have creative flexibility to make the space truly your own - from painting the walls, baseboards, ceilings and doors to texturing, stenciling and faux.

We aren’t just any painting company. Sure we tape, we mask, we sand, we prime and we paint like many other companies. We even make necessary minor repairs to ensure a smooth, polished finish. But there is one goal that our interior painters have in mind during every project - quality.

GLR General Painting LLC is built on the quality of our work. That’s why we approach every job like we are painting our own home. We do things right the first time. This is why many of our clients are repeat customers.

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